Traffic Gallery

Traffic Gallery is the place where contemporary art knowledge is supported and promoted, specialized in videoart, photograpy and urban art. Founded in Bergamo (Italy) in 2007 by the Architect Roberto Ratti with the aim the representation of an all around view of artistic innovation concentrating on How rather than What. Over the years Traffic Gallery has become an important referential gallery for urban art at an international level, its was inserted in 2012 by Parisian Magazine Graffiti Art in the Guide de l'Art Contemporain Urbain 2012.

Among the most important exhibitions about urban art we remember the great event Stencil Art : New Pop In The Urban Culture in 2008, first double solo show in Italy for the Italian duo Orticanoodles and the Polish artist Mariusz Waras aka M-City : the only writer invited to the European Biennale Manifesta 7; the first solo exhibition in Italy of the Spanish artist Andrea Michaelsson aka Btoy in 2011; the first solo exhibition of the French artist Madame aka Madame Moustache in 2014 and again in 2014 the first solo exhibition of the artist environmental engineer Andreco, an artist who, in 2016, created three big combo canvases with Lucamaleonte and Eron, pioneer of the urban scene in Italy of the first generation (watch here : https://www.instagram.com/p/BSGUcizADjG ).

Recently Traffic Gallery started working with the new enfant prodige of the Italian urban art scene ... Who is he ? He is Nemo’s ...Who is Nemo’s ? ...

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Via San Tomaso 92
24121 Bergamo
B-Toy (ES)
The Flapper (2017)
Stencil, Screeprint on canvas
114cm x 146cm
Eron (IT)
Portrait of Margherita Hack (2016)
Spray on old canvas
50cm x 70cm
Nemo (It)
Elephant Man (Herpes) (2017)
Mixed Media on Cardboard
57cm x 25cm
Lucamaleonte (It)
Mucchio di Corvi (2016)
Oil on canvas